Collaborating Companies
Faragir Alborz Engineering Services Co. is proud to collaborate with several contracting companies in the fields of construction, electrical and control, manufacturing, and equipping. These companies operate under the industrial group called “Jahed Group.”

Toseeh Faragir Jahed Company

Toseeh Faragir Jahed Company was established in 2014 with an initial capital of five billion rials. The company’s economic activities focus on effective participation in projects related to oil, gas, steel, copper, and non-metallic mineral industries. It prioritizes the implementation of specialized industrial projects within its strategic programs. Notably, one of its prominent projects is the complete execution of civil, construction, and installation operations, as well as the mechanical and electrical equipment of the Neyriz Gray Cement Factory.

The main activities of Toseeh Faragir Jahed Company include design, calculation, consultation, technical supervision, and execution of all civil, structural, installation, and mechanical and electrical operations for power plants, petroleum, gas, petrochemical, copper, steel, automotive, dam construction, water and wastewater projects, tunnels, mining industries, cement factories, production lines, and related structures in all industrial and civil engineering projects. Additionally, it engages in exploration, extraction, and processing of all products and mineral products, as well as trading, export, and import of all goods and equipment related to its field of activities, and all authorized commercial transactions, obtaining loans, facilities, documentary credits from domestic and foreign banks, and any authorized activity related to its business domain.


Control Gostar Jahed Company

Control Gostar Jahed Company (Private Joint Stock) was founded in 2004 with the aim of indigenous automation industry development in the country. Currently, the company employs 30 full-time technical experts at its headquarters, two branch offices in Tehran, and a workshop in Parand Industrial Park, along with more than 50 workshop employees. It has reached a high level of technical and engineering service provision by leveraging its technical knowledge and executive capabilities.

Over the years, the main focus of Control Gostar Jahed Company has been on the following areas:

  • Design, procurement of equipment, panel manufacturing, programming, and commissioning of control systems (DCS, PLC, ESD, F&G).
  • Design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of fixed and withdrawable low-voltage electrical panels (using CUBIC Denmark products).
  • Hardware upgrading, software optimization, and industrial automation systems optimization (relay-based systems and old PLCs).
  • Consulting and basic and detailed design of electrical and instrumentation systems.
  • Installation and commissioning of electrical and control systems.


Jahed Industrial Group

Jahed Industrial Group is a coherent and complementary collection of industrial companies, formed in 2014 to ensure secure and cost-effective execution of projects at a faster pace. By bringing together experienced companies, the group is ready to undertake projects at all levels. In addition to the separate missions of its subsidiary companies, the main mission of the industrial group is defined as executing projects on a turnkey basis (EPC).

The companies within the Jahed Industrial Group are:

  1. Toseh Faragir Jahed Company (General Contractor for Civil Projects)
  2. Control Gostar Jahed Company (Consultant and Implementer of Electrical, Control, and Instrumentation Systems)
  3. Faragir Alborz Company (Mechanical and Installation Contractor)
  4. Tablo Sazi Company (Producer of Electrical and Control Panels)
  5. Machine Equipment Workshop (Metal Equipment Manufacturer for Industrial Projects)