Human Resources

The strong belief among the managers of Faragir Alborz Comprehensive Engineering Services is that the human workforce is the most important and valuable asset of the organization. The success of an organization in attracting, retaining, developing, and excelling its human resources is crucial. Our perspective is that each member within Faragir Alborz contributes a unique value to the organization. We have come to realize that the primary role of each one of us is to meet the needs of this collective.

The management of human resources adheres to the following policies to achieve the vision and values:

  • Advancing the strategic goals and interests of the company.
  • Responsiveness to the needs of employees, management, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Preserving and maintaining the professional reputation and credibility of the organization as a trusted employer.
  • Creating a work culture that fosters mutual trust and respect.
  • Continuous development and excellence of employees in their professional domains.
  • Providing a platform for continuous growth and improvement in the quality of employees’ work-life.
  • Hiring professional individuals for all job roles as one of the key policies of this organization.
  • Creating job opportunities and welcoming programs for new talents.
  • Emphasizing specialization as the fundamental principle of this organization’s policy.
  • Communicating guidelines, work regulations, and job descriptions to all employees for the proper execution of tasks.
  • Transparency in job expectations from employees and efforts towards developing job capabilities through training and job planning, ultimately leading to constructive performance of activities.