Message from the CEO
Over the course of three decades, Faragir Alborz Engineering Services Company has demonstrated extensive and impactful activities, positioning itself among capable general contracting companies, particularly in the field of facilities and equipment. Notably, the successful execution of projects such as rotary kiln installation, mechanical facilities and equipment, and the implementation of piping lines for Maad Koush pelletizing plant, as well as the prestigious project of metal skeleton execution and the installation and commissioning of all lines for Neyriz Gray Cement Factory, are some of our remarkable achievements among numerous other projects. Currently, we are actively involved in projects including the execution, installation, testing, and commissioning of gas, water, and wastewater networks for Bahabad pelletizing plant, and the installation of polyethylene pipelines for Bahabad Concentrate Factory. Reaching this level of capability is the result of the collective efforts, dedication, and collaboration of all managers, engineers, staff, and workers in more than 30 completed or ongoing projects. Their endeavors have successfully managed and maintained the company’s assets, including several tower cranes and heavy and semi-heavy machinery. Undoubtedly, the management of Faragir Alborz, with a professional outlook towards the future, is committed to the quantitative and qualitative development of the company’s activities. Throughout its tenure, the company has earned the trust of various employers in both private and semi-private sectors by delivering projects within the specified timeframe and with approved quality by inspection organizations. In the future scope of Faragir Alborz’s activities, there is a special place for expanding into international markets and providing services beyond our borders, and we hope to achieve success in that regard. Furthermore, the commitment to human resources, with a focus on developmental objectives and promoting prosperity in large industries and entrepreneurship, has been identified as the primary approach of the company.
Our endeavor is to continuously enhance the quality of services offered and establish a prominent presence in international markets.
Sincerely, Mahyar Kashi