The progress status of the Bahabad pelletizing project

The latest progress status of the huge Bahabad Pellet Making Complex project under the aegis of Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel Company in the presence of Mr. Dr. Hosseini, CEO of Ghadir Investments and CEO and members of the Board of Directors of Ghadir Industries and Mines Holding, Governor of Yazd, CEO of Ghadir Iranian Iron and Steel Company, Director of Chadormelo Mining Complex, The governor and officials of Bahabad city and another group of industrial managers of Yazd province and the country were investigated and evaluated.

In addition, in addition to holding a joint meeting with the presence of the contractors of this complex and the governor and officials present, it was emphasized to speed up this important project to the stage of operation and opening, which was promised to be opened by the middle of 1401.


It should be noted that in this program, the executive operations of the construction of iron ore concentrate factories by Asrnovin Mining Industries Company of Bahabad and the construction of railway sub-lines from Bahabad station to Ghadir Iranian pellet making complex by the governor and Mr. Dr. Hosseini and the director general of industry, mining and trade of Yazd province and managers Chief of Ghadir Industries and Mines Holding and Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel Company and the board of directors of Asr Novin Mining Industries Company Bahabad Kalangzani.



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